A Grown Man Should Know The Difference Between Right and Wrong

If It’s The AFT & Michelle Rhee Then It’s Through The Looking Glass Time

Eduirony Of The Day:  John Merrow’s Ahab-like obsession with Michelle Rhee is easy to understand but why is the American Federation of Teachers so feverishly joining him in trying to make the case (for instance here, and here) that some of its members in Washington, D.C. cheated? Even accepting the absolutely broadest allegations in D.C. as fact would still mean that most (95%) of the teachers in the city didn’t cheat – let’s hear more about them.  And don’t the ones who allegedly did deserve some due process here? From their union of all places?

What is not in Andy Rotherham’s observation?  Disapproval of Michelle Rhee’s methods, which–to the broader public’s view–have become unsound.  Any sense that the captain is accountable for what happens on her ship.

Rotherham went to South Lakes High School in Fairfax County, Virginia in the 1980s–so we know he had a great education in literature (as well as other fields).  He must know that in Moby Dick, Captain’s Ahab’s obsession leads to his own death and the death of those men around him on the ship.  Does Rotherham really think John Merrow is going to commit career suicide in pursuit of this story?  Does Rotherham really think Merrow is going to bring about the end of the careers of other journalists at PBS?


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