Infinite Geometric Series

This paper ripping task seems like a good intro to infinite series…

Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere

I did a bad job (in my opinion) of teaching infinite geometric series in precalculus in my previous class. I told them I did a bad job. I was rushing. They were confused. (One of them said: “you did a fine job, Mr. Shah” which made me feel better, but I still felt like they were super confused.)

At the start of the lesson, I gave each group one colored piece of paper. (I got this idea last year from my friend Bowen Kerins on Facebook! He is not only a math genius but he’s also a 5 time world pinball player champion. Seriously.) I don’t know why but it was nice to give each group a different color piece of paper. Then I had them designate one person to be the “paper master” and two people to be the friends of the paper master. Any group with a…

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